• Intentional – in life together in order to build real intimacy

  • Intimate – a connection of the mind and emotions – the soul

  • Purposeful – a shared purpose that glorifies God

  • Doxological – God-glorifying

BoldMarriage® is a non-profit ministry conceived with the proposition that the marriage itself is the client focus.  We are for marriage, based upon the foundational concept that marriage and marriage alone is the ordained and established structure for man and woman that God created, as revealed in His inerrant Word, the Bible.  All that God does and has done, including the establishment of marriage, is for His glory; therefore as Christ followers we begin with a biblical foundation and proceed toward glorifying Him in all aspects of life, including marriage.

BoldMarriage is a coaching ministry that seeks to transform marriages into unions that glorify God in their manner of life together and service to God and His purposes. As our primary purpose is not therapy or reparative intervention but internalized transformation, BoldMarriage supports building long term relationships with clients, and helping couples discover what THEIR BoldMarriage can be.